15 Awesome Reasons to Have a Hotmail Account

 If you are anything like me, then I am sure that you have a ton of emails. What do you think about when you hear "email"? For most people, it is something they dread and try to avoid as much as possible. This article will give 10 awesome reasons why having a Hotmail account can be beneficial to your inbox.

Hotmail is the email service that always works. Why? Because they don't have any annoying ads or spam in their inbox, thanks to Gmail's powerful filters. Hotmail also has a ton of space for storing your emails (15 GB!), so you don't need to worry about it running out anytime soon. They are compatible with all of the latest browsers and devices, so you don't need to worry about compatibility. From setting up your account in just a few minutes to its great spam protection features, there are tons of reasons why having a Hotmail account could be beneficial for you!

Reasons to Have a Hotmail Account

15 Awesome reasons why having a Hotmail account can be beneficial 

- You get a free email account if you sign up with Hotmail. That’s right, no gimmicks or fees to worry about at all. Simply go to the homepage and enter your name and then choose an email address from one of several domains that are available such as or

- You can get a free email account with up to 25 GB of storage. That’s enough space for you and all your friends, family, colleagues, clients or anyone else you know who uses the Internet!

- Hotmail is compatible with pretty much every device out there from desktops/laptops to tablets and smartphones so you can stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are

- You get 15GB of free storage just for signing up to Hotmail. That’s a lot more space than Gmail offers!

- You have the option to upgrade your account at any time, too. This is especially useful if you know that you will need more space in the future.

- Hotmail is a spam free environment with no advertising or unsolicited emails – this means you can enjoy email without any interruptions!

- You get access to Microsoft’s advanced security features as well, such as protection against viruses and malware

- There are plenty of templates for emails that you can use and they’re all completely free

- Hotmail is compatible with Thunderbird a popular email application which means that you have the option to access your account using this if you don’t want or need an app on your tablet, smartphone, etc.

- You will never lose your emails.

- It's easy to send attachments with hotmail inkorg logga in because you can upload files from any PC and the recipient doesn't need to download attachment software first.

- Switching between email accounts is fast, so there’s no drag on productivity while bouncing back and forth for different needs.

- It's a comfortable option for people who are not keen on using the same email address for work and personal life. 

- You can access your Hotmail account with mobile devices, too.

- There’s no need to worry about spam because it is automatically scanned by SmartScreen technology that blocks dangerous attachments before they reach