Richthofen's Skies aims at creating a community based W.W.I Server for the Targetware engine. Richthofen's Skies authentically simulates part of the early 20th century aviation environment - the aerial combat during WW1. This mod is designed to be both appealing and challenging to anyone interested in tactical air combat of the period.

Richthofen's Skies will:

  • Make each and every aerial victory a significant and dramatic event.
  • Make every flight challenging.
  • Make the simulated aerial combat an individual experience bringing each virtual pilot a sense of achievement.
  • Promote team work in order to accomplish growth within the mod

See the How to Start guide for those first timers.

Check out how the project came about, the Work in Progress or a short history of Aviation during the period.

For the latest combat report, written by a pilot (non Development team).

Paypal Donations for Server Delivery and Support
Vespa has kindly setup and paid for the initial sever hosting for both Target Tobruk and Richthofen's Skies. The cost runs at $US109 per month, which gives the two mods an excellent server platform with high response times and loads of storage.

What is being asked is for a small donation from each user to help maintain this server facility. This is not mandatory but any donations would be very well received to offset the costs involved. Thanks.

Vespa - Project Director, Target Tobruk: Mediterranean Air War 1940-1943

JoGunn - Project Director, Richthofen's Skies: WWI Mod, 1914-1918

Special Credits:

Special thanks go out to our personal cook that made the best Rice dishes with a Rice Cooker from Reisland

Barography data and textures courtsey of The Aero Conservancy, a virtual museum on the web.

Mercedes D-IIIa engine sounds as used in the Fokker DVII from Biplanes recent recordings of the new build being done by Achim Engels in Schorndorf Germany.

The original graphic scenery tiles were created and
contributed by "R. Hoag (rabu)" from his game modification patch for the
Sierra/Dynamix RedBaron game.

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